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Letís take a look at the default configuration

FX Parameter shifting

FX Parameter active FX Layer

First Layer assigned to control the FX Parameters of the active FX Layer.

FX Parameter active Clip

Second Layer assigned to the FX Parameters of the active Clip.

Audio Parameter

Third Layer assigned to the audio Parameters.

Transitions and switching Decks

Transition value active Layer.
DJ Mixer like fading, blending, wiping and mixing of Clips. Resolume provides a wide range of possibilities

Transitions active Layer

Transition Buttons: Change and set the Transition for the Clip in the active Layer.

Select Deck 1-8

Press down the Deck-Select Button and Switch between the Decks or assign more Transitions and Wipes

Layer Control & FX Layer Control

Layer Control

Resolume offers three Layers for Clips. This section gives you quick access to most layer control functions.

Shift Lock

FX Layer Control

In addition to its three Clip Layers, Resolume offers also three Layers for effects. If the indicator is illuminated the same section gives you quick access to the FX Layer control functions.

Clip Properties

The Clip Parameter control section enables you to quickly access the clip parameters.